I Think I Have Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Do I have hemorrhoids?

It is very hard to tell, but there is a definite chance that I might be living with some hemorrhoids.  And, the worst part about it all is that this may have been going on for a very long time.  Maybe even years.  I suffer from a different medical condition all together called ulcerative colitis, and that often requires me to use the bathroom far more than the common person.  Since this has been the case, my multiple poop breaks on some days, that very well could be a major contributor to the signs and symptoms of potential hemorrhoids.

What makes me think I have hemorrhoids symptoms? 

Here are a few reasons that I believe I just might have some hemorrhoids.  I’ll try to list them out for you:

  • I often feel like there is a slight bump down at the bottom of my colon or maybe is that called the rectum…
  • I know that I use that part of my body more than most people, and all this action in my rectum might very well be aggravating my butt region
  • most importantly, many people on one side of my family has had hemorrhoids in the past and I think that if our family has bad hemorrhoid genes, well, then I may have just caught them
  • last but not least, one symptom that is terms of symptoms is very common for hemorrhoids is some light bleeding every once in a while, its not much, but enough blood to have anyone concerned

What Is My Plan To Find out For Sure if I have Hemorrhoids?

Within the next few months, I am hoping to get a colonoscopy.  Now I know that you could probably just get creative and bend over in front of a mirror or get even a bit more creative and have your spouse/family member/ or really good friend do the looking for you, but I have a different concern too.  What if the hemorrhoids are located inside of your rectum.  What if you also have internal hemorrhoids?  What can you do about that?  So you get my point, I’m going to opt for the gastroenterologist to do his job and check me out the whole way through, inside and out, and let me know if I have these things or not.

Does anybody else have this same type of feeling about having hemorrhoids?



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